Societal, Academic, and Inspirational Books

Welcome to Optima Publishing (2012) Ltd.
Since setting up as a limited company in the UK (Reg. number: 08278053) on the 1st November 2012, we have published three titles to cater for different reader groups.

While there are many book publishers, both large and small around the world, we as a small publishing house are hoping to provide our readers with interesting and ‘timeless’ books at affordable prices.

The first title, “Let’s go on a Journey” by Thomas Jeyendran is like a comfort blanket, aimed at young adults who are venturing out into the world, seeking new opportunities.
The second title, “Grand Ma’s 100 Management Paradigms” by Thomas Jeyendran is a tribute the generation of yesteryears by encapsulating their worldly wisdom and remembering those who sacrificed their lives during the World Wars.

The third title, “Sebastiana” by Pilar Soto de Masters is an educational storybook, mainly aimed at children aged 10 and 11. This book also contains some learning activities, preparing the children for Key Stage 2 -Level 6 tests.

We are immensely proud of our titles as they treat the readers with respect, not as just consumers. Currently, we are working on a few titles for future publications and would like to hear from aspiring authors.


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