Synopsis of our titles

Title and Synopsis Author Year
4 The events that made History in Ceylon and beyond
This book first describes the emergence of various trade routes crisscrossing the three continents, Africa, Asia and Europe. Then it goes on to explain the important role ancient Ceylon played in the maritime trade around the Indian Ocean.

Here, the author highlights some of the ancient history associated with Ceylon and how the natural seaport named Trincomalee became a place of interest for many traders and the colonisers, such as the Danish-Norwegian, Portuguese-Spanish, Dutch, French and finally the British.

It then goes onto elaborate the victory of Trincomalee by the British and the ship that represented that victory. In a time honoured manner this ship, named HMS Trincomalee is still sailable and is now part of the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Hartlepool (UK).

Finally, this book will be of interest to many students in high schools, colleges and universities as it contains a learning section Optima Learning Environment (OLÉ) with facts and figures.

Thomas Jeyendran 2023
3 Sebastiana
This book is an educational story book about  a pet donkey, mainly aimed at children aged 10 and 11. It contains learning activities, preparing the children for Key Stage 2 -Level 6 tests.
Sebastiana is also an ideal book for those who wish to learn English as an additional language in a fun loving manner.
Pilar Soto de Masters 2015
2 Grand Ma’s 100 Management Paradigms This book is a tribute the generation of yesteryears by encapsulating  their worldly wisdom and remembering those who sacrificed their lives during the World Wars. Thomas Jeyendran 2014
1 Let’s go on a Journey This book is like a comfort blanket, aimed at young adults who are venturing out into the world, seeking new opportunities. Thomas Jeyendran 2013