Synopsis of our titles

Title and Synopsis Author Year
1 Let’s go on a Journey
This book is like a comfort blanket, aimed at young adults who are venturing out into the world, seeking new opportunities.
Thomas Jeyendran 2013
2 Grand Ma’s 100 Management Paradigms
This book is a tribute the generation of yesteryears by encapsulating  their worldly wisdom and remembering those who sacrificed their lives during the World Wars.
Thomas Jeyendran 2014
3 Sebastiana
This book is an educational story book about  a pet donkey, mainly aimed at children aged 10 and 11. It contains learning activities, preparing the children for Key Stage 2 -Level 6 tests.
Sebastiana is also an ideal book for those who wish to learn English as an additional language in a fun loving manner.
Pilar Soto de Masters 2015