1.Becoming an author or a writer (with Optima Publishing)

  • As an aspirant author or a writer, you may already have a draft of your manuscript. Or you may have a sketch of your intended book.
  • At this stage, you may wish to contact Optima Publishing to discuss your plans and the intended month and year of publication.
  • Optima Publishing will assess the proposition’s relevance, marketability, and financial viability.
  • Subject to the approval of Optima Publishing, the author will receive an offer of publication with clear milestones on tasks and responsibilities.
  • The author or writer then needs to accept the offer as it becomes part of the contract and return the appropriate Forms with the initial deposit of £500.00
  • From this point onwards, continuous dialogue is paramount to monitor the progress and adhere to the key dates.

2.What happens next?

  • We will produce an action plan with dates to ensure that all processes and procedures are incorporated.
  • We will agree with the author/ writer on the number of copies to be printed. Our general advice is to choose between 150 and 300 copies on the first print. It is to ensure that the project is within the budget.
  • Optima Publishing will obtain a unique number (ISBN) and initiate the activities required for editing, printing, and publishing the book.