1. Our Commitment

  • As a publisher of books in the English-speaking world, we will ensure that the language and nuances are appropriate for publications.
  • We will ensure the book’s quality is within the book’s scope.
  • We will adopt the least expensive pathway in publishing a book, from start to finish.
  • We will be transparent with the costs of publications.
  • We will guide as appropriate on the level of sales and the revenue arising from that book.
  • We will do our utmost to promote the book where it is appropriate.
  • While we usually publish printed books, we will also explore the opportunities and limitations in producing e-books.


2. Our Quality Assurance

  • Once we have received the manuscript from the author or writer, our quality assurance team will read through the entire script.
  • We will carry out minor editing after consulting with the author or writer.
  • We will advise the author or writer should there be any significant revisions or editing.
  • Should the author or writer wish to do so, all significant revisions and editing will attract extra costs.